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We, the members of the undersigned organization grateful for Divine Spiritual Guidance, mindful of our spiritual heritage, inherent rights, freedom of expression, do without reservations, secret evasion of mind, and with views to foster clean sportsmanship, safe boat handling and with due respect to all mankind regardless of race, color, creed, or land of origin, with an understanding heart, firm belief in a government of the people, by the people do hereby ordain and establish this our Constitution of the Flotilla Boating and Fishing Club of San Antonio, Texas.


Flotilla Boating & Fishing  Club in San Antonio presents two $500 scholarships to local graduating high school seniors. The scholarship is awarded through an application process. A committee of three will review applications and choose winners. Selection will be based on merit, need, community and school involvement and other factors that make this student stand out. Scholarship funds will be distributed directly to colleges of choice in the name of the winning students. Please click the button below for the scholars


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Flotilla Boating & Fishing Club  Founding Members (mid 1960s)

Flotilla Boating & Fishing Club Founding Members (mid 1960s)